Genshin Influence’s Albedo Will Characteristic In Winter Occasion, Say Leaks

Genshin Influence’s Albedo Will Characteristic In Winter Occasion, Say Leaks

An illustration of Albedo from Genshin Impact.

Screenshot: miHoYo / YouTube

Hey, it’s me: the Kotaku staffer who explains why a random Genshin Influence character is trending on Twitter. At the moment, a number of notable Genshin Influence leakers said that the geo component swordsman Albedo might be making an occasion look within the 2.3 replace.

Tangzhu is a Genshin Influence leaker who was banned from Bilibili this 12 months (a Chinese language video web site just like YouTube). On Wednesday, they tweeted that Albedo could be receiving new story content within the subsequent replace. Zluet (one other outstanding leaker) stated that the two.3 replace will embrace a free sword for Albedo. In earlier occasions, a free character particular weapon often accompanied a restricted occasion banner of that character. The data has since been reposted throughout Twitter, with Genshin gamers expressing pleasure about the opportunity of spending premium forex on rolling for Albedo.

Whereas beta and datamined leaks are by no means set in stone, gamers have a reasonably good motive to imagine that Albedo would return to the sport. This researcher-knight first appeared in “The Chalk Prince and the Dragon” occasion final December. His story left on a large cliffhanger, the place he hinted that he may finally destroy the city-state of Mondstadt. Albedo’s damaging secret sharply contrasts together with his mild and considerate persona, therefore the anticipation about his storyline.

For Genshin gamers who care in regards to the gameplay meta, an Albedo re-release is extraordinarily well timed. The geo elemental meta has develop into much more related ever since miHoYo introduced that different geo characters akin to Arataki Itto and Gorou could be obtainable as playable characters. Since they’re each geo characters, your complete get together obtains highly effective synergy boosts. Albedo can also be a geo-element character, however extra notably, Albedo has some get together help talents. It’s doable, gamers are theorizing based mostly on these leaks, that Albedo may have the ability to crank up injury even additional when put in a celebration with the geo duo. So relying on how the brand new characters work, Albedo’s talents may make them much more highly effective.

Genshin Influence has at all times struggled with leakers who publish restricted content material forward of formal bulletins, however miHoYo not too long ago cracked down on leakers by suing Bilibili this September. A number of leakers stop leaking after going through official stress, or they have been deplatformed like within the case of Tangzhu.

The builders already confirmed that 2.3 could be arriving on November 24, so it received’t be too lengthy earlier than the group is aware of the accuracy of those leaks.

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