[:en]Russian pilot claims Su-57 fighter jet can beat F-35[:]

[:en]Russian pilot claims Su-57 fighter jet can beat F-35[:]


Former Russian take a look at pilot Magomed Tolboyev informed reporters that Sukhoi Su-57 fifth-generation fighter jet (NATO nickname Felon) has extra of a probability of gaining the initiative early on and profitable in a one-on-one dogfight with U.S. F-35 Lightning II stealth fighter.

“Su-57 will kill [a F-35] simply, ought to they meet one on one. The F-35 can’t maneuver, it’s merely incapable. Nevertheless it does has digital would possibly,” Tolboyev mentioned, including that electronics may very well be disrupted even by Photo voltaic flares.

“For this reason I oppose all the things digital,” the pilot disclosed.


Tolboyev characterised the Su-57 Felon as a “good airplane,” however underscore that the occasions of one-on-one dogfights are lengthy over.

“At the moment, you now not struggle one on one. The whole lot depends upon your help. There may be digital warfare at this time. That is now not a sparring tatami, however a fancy strategy to tactical points,” the pilot.

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Picture by Grasp Sgt. Michael Jackson

In flip, navy consultants had been skeptical about his phrases, stating that the F-35 fighter jet can detect adversaries at lengthy ranges and might evade enemy radar.

Key to the Lightning II’s technique, its stealth should defend it from the prying eyes of Russian radars earlier than they notice that they’re already on the crossroads of American missiles.

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