[:en]Shot on iPhone movie options black ‘Hometown’ photographers[:]

[:en]Shot on iPhone movie options black ‘Hometown’ photographers[:]


Apple has supplemented its Hometown’ initiative for Black Historical past Month with a Shot on iPhone movie, one which follows a few of the photographers as they produce pictures of their locales.

On February 1, Apple launched its “Hometown” feature, as a part of its marking of Black History Month. The initiative had Apple collaborate with Black photographers throughout america, taking pictures of their neighborhoods with the iPhone 12 Pro.

To associate with the photographs, Apple revealed a video to its YouTube channel titled “Hometown – Shot on iPhone,” that includes a few of the photographers collaborating.

The 5 minute video follows Lawrence Agyei of Chicago, Illinois, in addition to Gabriella Angotti-Jones of Los Angeles, California; Lauren Woods of Charlotte, North Carolina; and Julien James of Washington, D.C. It was filmed by Philip Youmans, who was additionally the youngest ever director to win on the Tribeca Movie Pageant.

The video discusses the influences of the chosen photographers, together with their backgrounds and what they hope to realize with their images.

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