[:en]U.S. Military strikes Ukrainian T-84 tank to Yuma Proving Floor[:]

[:en]U.S. Military strikes Ukrainian T-84 tank to Yuma Proving Floor[:]


The U.S. Military has deployed a Ukrainian-made T-84 primary battle tank to Yuma Proving Floor, the Military’s premier take a look at heart.

Final 12 months’s version of the Outpost newspaper has launched a brand new photograph of the T-84 tank, also called an upgraded model of T-80UD, at Yuma Proving Floor in Arizona.

The Ukrainian tank with an put in Drozd Lively Safety System (APS) was noticed on the YPG’s Risk Techniques & Goal Simulation yard with different Soviet and Russian fight automobiles that makes use of to coach U.S troops and to check new sorts of weapons.


In 2003, the U.S. Authorities obtained 4 T-84 primary battle tanks (the most recent model of T-80UD with the APS system) from Ukraine. The 4 tanks arrived on the U.S. Military Aberdeen Check Middle all through December 2003 and January 2004.

The primary T-84 prototype car rolled out in 1994, and in the identical 12 months, it was determined to construct a number of extra automobiles. They have been subjected to intensive firm and military trials. After profitable completion of the intensive trials program within the late Nineties, the T-84 tank entered service with the Ukrainian Military in 1999. On 24 August 2000, 10 T-84 MBTs took half within the parade devoted to the tenth anniversary of Ukraine’s independence.

As to Drozd, it’s the first Soviet operational APS that developed between 1977 and 1982.

This method was designed for defense from anti-tank guided missiles (ATGM) and antitank grenades. It used primitive millimeter-wave radar sensors on all sides of the turret to detect incoming rounds. A filter within the radar processor was meant to make sure that the system responded solely to targets flying at speeds typical of ATGMs.

These are engaged by a number of shortrange rockets carrying fragmentation warheads (just like mortar rounds), fired from four-round launchers (one on all sides of the turret).6 Drozd gives
most overlap and safety solely to the ahead 60° portion of the turret, leaving the perimeters and rear susceptible.

Brig. Gen. Ross Coffman, director of Venture Convergence 20 and director of the Subsequent Era Fight Car Cross
Practical Crew, excursions YPG’s Risk Techniques & Goal Simulation yard and will get a detailed up of one of many automobiles in its fleet. Photograph by Mark Schauer

As well as, earlier in April 2020, the Ukrainian-made T-84 tank also was spotted at satellite tv for pc photos that emerged on navy on-line boards.

satellite tv for pc picture

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